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Painless Glucose Test Meter Without Blood

No Blood
No Pain

Latest Technology
  • Test Your Glucose Without Any Blood
  • Just Clip On Your Finger and Get Your Glucose Reading
  • Results Display On Your Phone Via Bluetooth App
  • Just Insert Your Finger Into The Slot and in 60 Seconds You Will Get Your Result
  • Unit Has a Rechargeable Battery That Lasts at Least a Week
  • Each Unit Is Fully Tested and Calibrated
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Instructions to use the device

First Time Setup

  • Download the app named: Glucose Wizard.
  • Open the app and set up your profile.

Instructions to take a test
On the app:

  • Press the TEST button
  • Select a meal option indicating your last meal( morning Fast, 1 hr post meal, 2 hr post meal 3 hr post meal )
  • Press START

On the device:
Push and hold the grey power button on the back of the device for 3 seconds
On the app:
Wait for the app to tell you to insert finger and keep it in the device until it says test completed

The main forms of heat dissipation of the human body are radiation, convection, and evaporation. The overall radiation of heat and convection heat can be calculated by the environmental temperature and the radiation temperature. The evaporating heat can be calculated by using the environmental humidity and the finger surface humidity. A revised heat transmission method is applied using this device to determine the blood flow velocity. A heat transfer bar with Thermo-sisters on both ends is used to contact the fingers skin at one end and the temperature change of the bar is then measured. The infrared radiation temperature sensor is used to take the temperature of the fingers surface.

These values are combined to calculate the parameters of a person's blood flow velocity. The photoelectric method is adopted to determine the parameters of a person's oxygen saturation and hemoglobin concentration. The fingers skin surface is exposed to infrared light at a specific wavelength in an assigned timing sequence and the light intensity penetrating the finger is then detected and calculated. Based on the changes of light intensity, the required parameters are then calculated. Considering that the heat dissipating capacity cannot represent the local metabolic Heat, the later one is then corrected by addressing a person's core temperature, (addressing impedance and blood flow volume).

The blood glucose value of the metabolic heat integration method can then be calculated by using Local metabolic rate, blood flow volume, hemoglobin concentration, oxygen saturation, and hen correcting the value of blood glucose. The blood glucose values of the two methods are combined and then the blood glucose concentration is obtained. This device integrates many different sensors for Signal collection and input it is then processed using a processing circuit for signal conversion and amplification. A microprocessor is used to calculate the values and parameters and finally displays the results.

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Your First Class Kit Will Arrive With:

  • Beautiful Presentation Box
  • Wall Charger To Charge The Unit Once Per Week
  • Retractable Charging Wire
  • Small Neoprene Carry Case
  • Your device comes with a 2 year warranty

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