Hi Edward,
My mom and I wanted to take a moment to thank you. I ordered this mask for her several months ago, and you were incredibly kind and helpful. You very graciously helped me locate a mask made in the US and then offered a discount code. My mother has suffered with severe dry eye and resulting problems for many, many years, and she says your mask is the best thing that has ever happened to her. It has offered the first relief she has ever had, and it says it is like she is a new person. She is finally able to sleep and her eyes are producing their own tears again. Plus, the pain is gone. Thank you with all of my heart for making this possible with her. She has shared the information with all of her eye specialists, such that they might share it and help other patients. Knowing that I am beginning to suffer with dry eye, I have also ordered a mask. Again, we thank you so very, very kindly. Clayton


Many, many thanks.
Your product has changed my life and I have stable vision now for the first time in forever. 


You have a fantastic product in the Dry Eye Mask.  A year ago, my optometrist attempted to prescribe a medication for my eyes without any discussion. The cost would have been $700 a month and I was told I would probably be using it for a long time. I did not like that she did not discuss options with me. A friend, a retired optometrist, told me to heat a red potato in  the microwave, wrap it in a damp wash cloth and hold against my eye. While this did work and was far cheaper than the medication, I did not know if I would have access to a microwave when traveling. Then I saw your product online and immediately purchased it. There was a problem with the washable sleave and you immediately replaced the whole device. Yesterday I went back to the optometrist for my yearly checkup and I asked her how my eyes were looking. She said they were really looking good. Of course, she did not want to hear about your mask and what it did for me. I just read that you now have several patents and there are several insurance companies considering covering the purchase of your device. Congratulations Eddie! That is terrific. You on a roll and I got to benefit. Nothing better than that. Wish I could say I was a member of the test group but even happier I found your product a year ago. I am now going to find a different optometrist and soon going on vacation with my dry eye mask.