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Dry Eye Mask

Dry Eye Mask

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Optometrist Recommended:

You Will Experience A Huge Amount of Relief Once You Try This Heated Eye Mask. Say Goodbye to Gritty Dry Eyes. The New Patent Pending Heated Eye Mask Has Multiple Heat Levels and Timer Options. Finally, A Eye Mask That Works and Has Brought Relief to Thousands of Patients. The Way to Save Your Healthy Eye Glands Is to Treat the Area Early On. The Mask Maintains A Steady Constant Source of Heat Applied To Help Relax The Eyelids. You Will Experience A Huge Amount of Relief Once You Try This Heated Eye Mask.

What Is Dry Eye?:

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, Also Known as Mgd, Is A Form of Dry Eye Disease Where the Oily Part of Your Tears Is Deficient and Dysfunctional. Meibomian Glands Are the Oil Producing Glands Located in Both Your Upper and Lower Eyelids, Right Near Your Eye Lashes. These Glands Normally Slowly Release Oil into Your Eyes. The Oil Lubricates the Eyes and Prevents the Tears from Evaporating by Creating A Protective Layer Over the Tears. (Oil Always Rises Above Water) In People with Dry Eye, The Problem Is Usually That the Oil Is Not Making Its Way Through the Tiny Gland and Into the Eye.


Our Solution:

The Best Method Available Today to Manage Dry Eye Is to Heat the Oil Inside the Eyelids. The Heated Oil Becomes Thinner and Therefore the Oil Is Able to Flow Easier Through the Glands and Into the Eye. Our Patent Pending Heated Eye Mask Is by Far the Best Heated Eye Mask Available. Should You Not Be Happy with Your Mask for Any Reason, Just Email Us for A Refund at Help@Dryeyemask.Com If You Have Any Further Questions, Please Feel Free to Call Us At 213 471 8050

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