Thank you for purchasing the Wizard Research Dry Eye Mask.

Please read the instructions below before getting started.

Plug in your mask by inserting the end of the wire into the included wall plug.

Insert the wall plug into any ordinary electric outlet.

Push the POWER button on the controller.

The display will show the heat level and the countdown timer.

Adjust the heat setting and the timer setting to suit your needs.

The 4 available heat settings are as follows: HIGH, MED-HIGH, MED, & LOW.

You should not be in any pain or discomfort.

If the mask is too hot, drop it down to a more comfortable heat level.

It is recommended to wear the mask for 10 minutes in the morning and evening.

If you would like to wear it longer, just push the TIMER button to increase the time.

When the countdown timer reaches 0, the mask will automatically turn off.

Immediately after wearing the mask, it is recommended that you express the oils from your eye lids.

There are two methods. Feel free choose whichever works best for you.

A simple way to express the oils is to take your clean finger and rub your eye lids in a sweeping motion going towards the eye lashes.

For the upper eye lids, you would use your finger and sweep it in a downward motion.

For the lower eye lids, you would sweep your finger in an upward motion.

This should be done for 10 seconds on each lid.

The alternate way can be seen on a video on our website at:

The concept of expressing the oils is as follows:

There is good oil stored in your eye lids.

You want to get that oil to drip into your eyes.

The oil secrets right by your eye lashes. By sweeping your lids, you are helping the oil flow out.

Do not worry if you see blurry for a moment or two after the treatment. This is indicative that the treatment is working.

Many people have commented that the mask gets dirty from makeup, tears, etc.

We now include a washable cover which you can wrap around the mask while wearing it.

If your actual mask gets dirty, you may wipe it down with a Baby Wipe or damp cloth.

Do not submerge the mask in water.

The mask comes with a 6-month warranty.

For customer service issues, please just reach out to us at: or 1-213-471-8050