How to Use a Portable Nebulizer Correctly

How to Use a Portable Nebulizer Correctly

Nebulizers are an excellent option for those who need to take their medicine on the go or those looking for quick relief. They allow you to medicate with ease and convenience yet still manage your symptoms. Here is how you can use a rechargeable portable nebulizer correctly in 10 steps! 

1. Purchase the Right Portable Silent Nebulizer

It is essential that you choose the right model of portable nebulizer for your needs. You don't want to rush into this and buy one only to find out there is a better product out there, perhaps with more features or less expensive. 

Start by checking out outlets with a high reputation for having one the best portable nebulizer for albuterol and other medicines like Wizard Research. Of course, you should shop around until you find a suitable portable silent nebulizer for your needs. 

2. Make Sure the Battery Has Enough Power Before Use 

Before using the portable silent nebulizer, make sure that the battery has a full charge. It is also important to know if the portable silent nebulizer is charged before you decide to use it so that it does not die on you at an inopportune moment, and you end up having to rush to find your charger

3. Put in the Medicine and Prepare the Device for Use

Before powering on the device, go ahead and put in the medicine. Then, continue by putting the tube of the rechargeable portable nebulizer into your mouth. Make sure that you have a firm grip on the tube so that all of the medicine goes into your lungs and does not leak out. If you feel like pressure is being put on a particular part of the tubing, you will increase the chances of running into issues doing your treatment. 

4. Turn on the Nebulizer 

Now that the medicine is all ready to go, it's time to power on your rechargeable portable nebulizer. It may take some time for the device to warm up, so make sure you give it enough time before making a call and putting pressure on it. While you're at it, do an additional check on the battery life. Be confident that the device is ready to go. 

5. Properly Position Your Thumb to Inhale the Medicine

It is vital to hold the device properly. To do this, your thumb should be placed on the power switch, and your finger should rest on the trigger of the nebulizer. Your index finger should always be on top of the tube to help stabilize it. Ensure that the device is entirely stable to avoid any potential problems when it comes time to inhale. 

6. Inhale Deeply & Strongly 

To inhale the medicine correctly, you have to do so deeply and powerfully. The process will go much more smoothly if you can inhale all of the medicine from the tube into your lungs. Simply place your lips over the end of the tube and press down on the trigger as you breathe in through your nose. It would help if you tried to mimic the act of snoring deeply. 

7. Keep Your Thumb on the Tube for Five Seconds 

Once the medicine has been wholly inhaled, continue to keep your thumb over the tube. Make sure that five seconds pass before removing your thumb from the tube so that there is no medicine leaking out of it. 

As you do this, hold your breath in for a few more seconds and then gently blow some air into the nebulizer by moving your mouth. This will help you flush out the medicine in the tubes of the nebulizer. The idea here is to make sure that you inhaled all of the medicine. Some people will recommend holding your breath for up to 30 seconds to ensure this. 

8. Check to Make Sure Mist Appears

If you did everything right, a mist should start appearing as soon as five seconds after you release your thumb. This is the best indication that the medicine was inhaled successfully and was able to go where it needed to treat your symptoms. If you did not notice any medicine, it could be because the battery was low, you did something wrong, and so on. 

9. Repeat Steps 2 - 6 For Additional Doses

As you continue to use your portable nebulizer, remember to follow the same steps each time. It's essential to take only as much medicine as you need not to experience any adverse side effects, such as an upset stomach. 

10. Clean & Maintain Your Portable Silent Nebulizer

After using your portable nebulizer, place it upright on a flat surface and wait for the air to drain from the chamber completely. Replace the cap on top of your nebulizer and store it in a dry place until you need to use it again. Make sure that you properly clean and maintain your nebulizer regularly to help it last for a long time.

It is also essential to let the device cool down before storing it away so that you will not burn yourself on the metal tubes of the nebulizer. With proper maintenance after each use, you can count on using your portable silent nebulizer for years to come. 

Hoping to Buy Your Own Rechargeable Portable Nebulizer? 

Rechargeable Portable Nebulizer

Nebulizers are an excellent option for those who need to take their medicine on the go or those looking for quick relief. They allow you to medicate with ease and convenience yet still manage your symptoms. If you are on the lookout for the best portable nebulizer for albuterol, a great portable silent nebulizer, or perhaps a simple rechargeable portable nebulizer, come see our stock here at Wizard Research! 

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