10 Tips for Living Comfortably with COPD

10 Tips for Living Comfortably with COPD

For people with COPD, just life itself can be hard to bear. However, you have already made it this far, and there is no reason to stop now! Thankfully, there are many different coping strategies that you can try out if you are finding yourself with difficulties living with COPD. On this page, we will break down all that you need to know.

1. Buy a Portable Nebulizer Machine

A portable nebulizer machine is often the best way to take in the medicine that your doctor recommends. Therefore, if you don't already have a portable nebulizer machine of your own, you are encouraged to shop around for the best portable nebulizer to get your symptoms in check. Without your medicine, it will be difficult to manage your COPD symptoms. Therefore, get a portable nebulizer machine today if you want to start taking in your medicine effectively.

2. Keep in Touch with Your Doctor

Your doctor is the one who understands your case the best, and will usually have your best interest at heart. They will often inform you right away how serious the condition is, and what steps can be made to control it while you are still alive. For best results, make routine visits to your doctor and have them work with you directly as much as possible. This way, you can try to eliminate the negative symptoms of COPD and minimize your suffering.

3. Do Mild Cardio Workouts Routinely

If you are looking to lower your risk of serious problems down the line, avoid intense workouts that make you feel dizzy, cough up large amounts of fluids, and so on. Doing some basic endurance cardio every other day is ideal. Try doing some light power walking, biking, and swimming. However, it's important to stop if you start to notice yourself getting too uncomfortable. The idea here is just to get your heart rate up for about 30 minutes. 

4. Stop Smoking

Smoking is likely the reason that you got COPD in the first place. Although it can be tempting to simply continue on with this habit at this point, quitting smoking altogether is never a bad idea. In fact, it will help your lungs and airways to finally start healing themselves after all those years of abuse. Although you will not be cured of COPD, you can immensely slow the progression of the condition by cutting your habit of smoking. 

5. Try Breathing Exercises

There are many different breathing exercises for COPD that you can use while trying to live peacefully with your condition. This can include deep breathing, controlled coughing, and pursed lip breathing. Although none of these will cure COPD altogether, they can help you get the relief that you deserve. 

6. Look into New Treatments


Science is a constantly evolving professional field. What used to work ten years ago might not even be a suggested treatment method today. Therefore, always be on the lookout for new treatments. Get multiple opinions from multiple doctors until you are satisfied that you are doing everything possible for helping you comfortably live with COPD. Although you cannot be cured, there are likely new treatments ready if you know where to ask for them!

7. Find a Support Community

Sometimes, having a community of people around you with the same issue is the best way to feel understood and loved. Having COPD can be very humiliating and demeaning to certain people. For this reason, it might be a good idea to get a circle of friends around you that have the same issue. They will understand you at a level that many of your other friends and loved ones simply cannot. 

8. Get New Hobbies That Don't Require Much Physical Effort

Once you get diagnosed with COPD, you might feel that you lost a bit of yourself, and the freedom that you once enjoyed. This is a normal occurrence. One of the best ways to mourn the loss of old hobbies that your body simply cannot handle anymore is to find new hobbies. Try playing cards or video games. Or perhaps you can join a social club of some sort! The idea here is to cut back on high-intensity activities that can put you at risk for bigger problems. 

9. Laugh More

Laughter is a great way to naturally exercise your lungs and even give some relief for your COPD symptoms. When you laugh, your lungs, diaphragm, chest, and abs tighten. This is a great workout for somebody who has COPD. Therefore, you might consider going out to weekly comedy shows, hanging around funny people, and pursuing more opportunities to lighten up and laugh your problems away. 

10. Accept Your Mortality

It can be difficult for somebody who has lived 50+ years to accept the fact that they are closer to their death than their birth. In fact, most people only make it between 10 - 20 years after their diagnosis. 

For this reason, it's best to simply let all the drama behind your mortality aside. You entered this world guaranteed to die. Therefore, the fact that you are closer to your death should not be something that you stress over. If you struggle with mortality, it might be best to consult a spiritual expert in your chosen field, or simply hang around other people in a similar position. 

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