10 Most Common Problems with Handheld Portable Nebulizers

10 Most Common Problems with Handheld Portable Nebulizers

A handheld portable nebulizer is a great device if you or a loved one has asthma, COPD, or other respiratory conditions. These devices make it easy to get the medication you need when you need it. However, like any other medical equipment, there can be problems with them from time to time. Here are 10 of the most common issues people have with their handheld portable nebulizers.

1. Not Turning On

One common issue people might have with their handheld portable nebulizer is the device not turning on. When this happens, be sure to check the device's power. For example, if it is battery powered, put in a new set of batteries. This might be enough to fix the issue altogether.

If you plug it into an outlet, check to see if the power is working correctly in the outlet and try different ones. If both of these troubleshooting steps don't fix the issue, you will likely need to get the mini portable nebulizer professionally serviced.

2. Not Giving the Full Dose

Another issue people sometimes have with their portable nebulizer is that it doesn't give them the full dose of medication they expect. A compact nebulizer will typically give you the full dose at will when turned on. However, if you notice that the machine is not giving you the full allotted dose, be sure to first check in the user manual.

Typically, there will be configuration settings that you can play around with that might fix the issue. If you cannot determine the solution on your own, try sending it to tohe manufacturer or simply buy a new handheld portable nebulizer.

3. Inconsistent Results

This is one of the most common complaints people have with their nebulizer. They will buy a new unit, use it for some time, and then notice that their asthma symptoms are not getting better. Then, there might be days when you feel that the medicine is actually doing its job.

Sometimes, the nebulizer might not be the one at fault. It can be challenging to pinpoint precisely why this is the case. If you notice a problem like this, it is recommended to talk directly with your doctor. They will help you determine what is causing the problem.

4. Not as Portable as You'd Like

People usually find that the nebulizer is not as portable as they would like. When this occurs, it can be awkward to take it around with you when you have to leave the house for a quick run. It is a little disappointing to buy an alleged 'portable' device only to discover that it isn't quite as portable as you envisioned.

5. Disliking the Design

Another common complaint with nebulizers is that they don't look that attractive. This can be a matter of taste, but it can also be important to those who rely on their nebulizer and need to see it every day. Typically, this is a straightforward issue to deal with. Simply make sure you know what the mini portable nebulizer looks like before buying the product.

6. Needing to Buy New Batteries Often


Following the first common issue described here, many people can be discouraged from using battery-powered nebulizers because it is a hassle to buy new batteries constantly. Some use rechargeable batteries, but they may not be available at local stores or pharmacies.

It would help to consider how often you will be out and about when traveling. After all, it is a huge inconvenience to be on the go without power for your mini portable nebulizer.

7. The Nebulizer Cup is Difficult to Clean

Many people find that their cup or mask piece is too small to get all the dirt and debris out of it. There are a few different strategies that you can use to counter this issue. For starters, check the user manual and see if a particular method works the best.

If you find that the device is still difficult to clean, consider buying new parts now and then to avoid cleaning the machine altogether. If all else fails, you can always buy a new handheld portable nebulizer that is much easier to clean.

8. Noisy

Imagine needing to take your medicine during the late hours, worrying about making too much noise. Perhaps you have neighbors or family members that will have to endure the noise! If you find that your nebulizer is too noisy, you should simply replace it with a quieter model. This is one of the reasons that silent portable nebulizers exist in the first place.

9. Can Be Difficult to Use

The learning curve for using a new handheld portable nebulizer can seem insurmountable at first, but just about anyone will eventually master it. If you think your nebulizer is too challenging to use, the best thing you can do is start by checking out the user manual.

However, if the user manual doesn't provide clear instructions, you should bring it in to a professional and see if they can figure it out. A doctor will typically be able to figure out how to use the mini portable nebulizer rather quickly if you can't.

10. Too Difficult to Maintain

Routine maintenance is part of owning just about anything. If you want to keep your mini portable nebulizer in good shape, be sure to study all the steps involved in routine maintenance of the device. Typically, the best way to keep your nebulizer maintained is by constantly taking steps to clean the machine after each use. 

Thinking of Buying a New Portable Nebulizer?

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