10 Mistakes People Make When Using a Nebulizer

10 Mistakes People Make When Using a Nebulizer

A mini portable nebulizer is a great tool that helps many people to treat lung and breathing problems. If you are currently using this device, you know how useful it can be to alleviate symptoms of many different conditions. However, there are several mistakes that you can make that can hinder its benefits. Avoid these common pitfalls described below if you want to make the most of your mini portable nebulizer.

Be Sure You Are Following Manufacturer Instructions

Many people who suffer from breathing difficulties or lung conditions use a nebulizer. This handy device can be very beneficial in relieving symptoms, yet many pitfalls can impede its effectiveness. For best results, you should start by following the manufacturer's instructions for its use. Each handheld portable nebulizer can be a little different in its function. Therefore, you will probably need to start your research there before ensuring that you aren't making one of the common mistakes we describe below.

1. Using Nebulizer Without Medication

The first thing that you need to ensure is that you are actually using the mini portable nebulizer with your medication. Many people think it is enough to attach the inhaler or put the liquid in the nebulizer, yet this is not the case. You need to put medication into the nebulizer as well if you want it to work correctly.

2. Improper Setup

If you don't follow the directions precisely, you can end up not reaping any benefit from a handheld portable nebulizer. It would help if you also verified that you are using the correct medication for your condition. As we mentioned, be sure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions. This is often the best way to ensure that you use the device properly.

3. Thinking Money & Fancy Gear Will Fix All Your Problems

It's time for a quick reality check. If you think that spending a ton of money on a fancy mini portable nebulizer will allow you to finally quit using your prescriptions, think again. A high-quality mini portable nebulizer is designed to use in conjunction with medications, not as a replacement for them. Therefore, don't see this as a one-stop solution. It's only one tool that can be used to help with your condition. 

4. Using it As a Replacement for Your Doctor

As we briefly elaborated on above, a handheld portable nebulizer is only part of the treatment process for your condition. Accordingly, do not view it as a replacement for your doctor. Instead, remain in touch with your doctor at all times to ensure that you are closely in line with all of the proper treatment needs that you have at any given time.

5. Not Using it As Directed by Your Physician


This is where one of the most common pitfalls lies. Many patients get in the habit of using their mini portable nebulizer routinely and then run into problems with sticking to this routine. If you want the maximum possible results, you need to stick to the strict regimen of your physician. If you start deviating, it will make it much harder to fix your symptoms in the long term.

6. Not Breathing in the Medicine Fully

To make the most of your handheld portable nebulizer, it's essential that you breathe in the medicine fully. This way, it goes into your lungs and eventually into your bloodstream. For best results, breathe in deeply and hold your breath for about five seconds to ensure that your medicine is fully absorbed into your body. Otherwise, you might not give the medication enough time to do its work.

7. Breathing in Too Much Medicine

Just as you should avoid not breathing in all of your medicine, you should avoid putting in too much medicine. Doctors only prescribe specific doses for particular reasons. Therefore, try to adhere to these doses. Most portable nebulizers work best with particular volumes of medicine, so know how much medicine you need to take before starting your treatment process from home. This way, you can ensure that the device you use is capable of delivering the results you need. 

8. Not Tightly Sealing the Airways

For a nebulizer to deliver medicine correctly straight to your lungs, you will need to ensure that the airways are sealed tightly shut. This way, you can ensure that all of the medicine goes straight to your lungs and doesn't leak out of the device. For best results, make sure that you seal all of the airways thoroughly and ensure that the medicine goes straight through the tubes into your lungs.

9. Using Parts from Other Models

You shouldn't mix and match parts from different nebulizers without the strict guidance of a qualified professional. Doing so can lead to problems such as malfunctioning parts and even breaking the device altogether. If you run into issues with your nebulizer, it's advised to contact the manufacturer of your nebulizer and ask them for assistance.

10. Not Buying a High-Quality Nebulizer

If you want to avoid some of the common problems with nebulizers, you should definitely buy a high-quality one. Although not all nebulizers are created equal, high-quality models will be more reliable and last longer than low-quality ones. Therefore, don't be shy to spend a little extra money to ensure that the nebulizer you end up with works well for your condition.

Thinking of Buying a Mini Portable Nebulizer?

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