Wizard Research Laboratories Dry Eye Mask

Wizard Research Laboratories Dry Eye Mask

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Dry Eyes or Blepharitis Involves the Part of The Eyelid Where the Eyelashes Grow

It Occurs When Tiny Oil Glands Located Near the Base of The Eyelashes Become Clogged.

It Can Be Uncomfortable and May Be Unsightly.

If the Eye Glands Die, You Will Not Have Any Natural Lubricant in The Eyes.

The Eye Glands Die When Oil Is Stuck in The Oil Glands and Is Not Able to Secrete.

The Way to Save The Healthy Eye Glands Is to Treat the Area Early on And Consistently.

We Have Studied the Condition Extensively and Consulted with Eye Care Professionals.

We Came Up with The Only Home Remedy That Will Work.

In Simple Terms, It Is a Warm Compress.

A Warm Compress Will Melt the Oil That Is Stuck in The Glands and Allow the Glands to Secrete the Hardened Oils.

There Are Plenty of Warm Compresses on The Market, But They Do Not Work.

The Reason Is Because the Oil Must Be Heated at a Constant Temperature For 8 Minutes.

In Addition, The Heat Must Touch Only the Eye Lash Area.

We Developed A Patented Product That Will Do Just That.

We Also Developed a Special Thermal Fabric That Will Evenly Disburse the Heat Across the Entire Line of Lashes.

There Is a Temperature Controller Attached to The Wire That Regulates the Temperature.

Immediately After Using the Mask, Use a Washcloth Moistened with Warm Water to Wash Away Any Oily Debris or Scales at The Base of Your Eyelashes.





In a healthy eye, lubricating tears called basal tears continuously bathe the cornea, the clear, dome-shaped outer surface of the eye.

With every blink of the eye, basal tears flow across the cornea, nourishing its cells and providing a layer of liquid protection from the environment.

When the glands nearby each eye fail to produce enough basal tears, or when the composition of the tears changes, the health of the eye and vision are compromised.

Vision may be affected because tears on the surface of the eye play an important role in focusing light.

Tears are a complex mixture of fatty oils, water, mucus, and more than 1500 different proteins that keep the surface of the eye smooth and protected from the environment, irritants, and infectious pathogens.

Tears form in three layers:

An outer, oily (lipid) layer, produced by the Meibomian glands, keeps tears from evaporating too quickly and helps tears remain on the eye.

A middle (aqueous) layer contains the watery portion of tears as well as water-soluble proteins. This layer is produced by the main lacrimal gland and accessory lacrimal glands. It nourishes the cornea and the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that covers the entire front of the eye and the inside of the eyelids.

An inner (mucin) layer, produced by goblet cells, binds water from the aqueous layer to ensure that the eye remains wet.

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